Hot Melt Coater, Laminator, and Applicator Manufacturer

Huaan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer of hot melt adhesive application equipment. Established in 1997, the company has been devoted to the R&D and manufacture of hot melt coater, laminator, and adhesive applicator. Its main products include the hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machines for industrial applications as well as rich types of hot melt adhesive applicators. All of these products, highly credited for their reliable performance, have been successfully applied in a wide range of industrial productions, such as hot melt adhesive labels, medical dressing, shoe materials, apparel fabrics, nonwovens, packaging materials and automobile interior decoration materials. If you are interested in our products or our company, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will be always welcomed and provided with the best products and services.

    1. RT-LⅠ-1100 Hot Melt Coater Laminator for Self Adhesive Labels

      The RT-LⅠ-1100 hot melt coater laminator HUAAN provides to you is a reliable multi-functional coating and laminating machine developed in 1999. Since its first appearance in the market, this hot melt coater has become a sought-after equipment for self-adhesive label production.

    1. RT-HBⅠ-1100 Coating Machine for Hot Melt Adhesive Film

      Developed in 2003 when the hot melt adhesive was widely used in various areas, this advanced coating equipment could perfectly turn adhesive into a flimsy layer and is much easier to operate. Given its reliable and excellent performance, this coating and laminating machine has been widely used by many companies ...

    1. RT-TBI-1100 Hot Melt Coating Machine for Conventional Adhesive Tape

      Equipped with a specially designated die for the production of hot adhesive tapes, this hot melt coating machine could perfectly ensure good quality of your products; The mass production of its components promotes this hot melt coating equipment's mechanical precision and expands its lifespan ...

    1. RT-NⅠ-1600 Hot Melt Coating and Laminating Machines for Medical Nonwovens

      This hot melt coater and laminator, geared to the production of nonwovens, is equipped with a professional die head and a leading coating device which could ensure coating quality and the breathability of the nonwovens. The stretch device of this professional coating equipment for medical nonwovens could avoid ...

    1. Hot Melt Coating Machine for Toe Puff

      The hot melt coating machine offered here is specially designed for producing toe puffs. It is equipped with a PID temperature controller and the temperature error is controlled within 1℃. The precision coating die and optimized cooling system greatly improve the appearance of the finished toe puff and the production ...

    1. Fabric Laminating Machine

      This fabric laminating machine HUAAN provides to you is a highly efficient laminating equipment of large capacity. Thanks to its outstanding performances, this reliable fabric laminator first put into market in 2008, has been widely applied in multiple areas, such as the shoes making (uppers), automobile ...

    1. Foam Laminating Machine

      This foam laminating machine provided by HUAAN is a professional laminator designed for the production of high-end composite materials whose base materials are foams. Developed in 2011, this hot melt laminating equipment stands out from its counterparts for its environmental friendliness ...

  • Service
  • Since its first establishment, HUAAN has committed to provide both quality coating equipment and satisfying services to our customers. For the past two decades, we have build up a large professional after-sale service team which could offer swift and sound service to you as long as you contact us. In order to live up our words and satisfy every customer, we provide regular visit to our customers and inspect or maintain the equipment within guarantee period.